MFG Invest reports Q1 of 2024

In January, MFG Invest paid the remainder of its investment in Icanpreneur, amounting to 100 000 euros, bringing the total investment to 200 000 euros.In mid-February, […]

MFGI invests EUR 100k in Native Teams

“MFG Invest” AD has decided to invest 100,000 (one hundred thousand) euros in the company Native Teams Limited, registered in England. The investment is made through […]

MFG Invest Report, Q3 2023

Thanks to the new shareholders in MFG Invest AD, who subscribed shares traded in the BEAM segment of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE), in 2023 we […]

Q3 2023 Report: updated

In the Q3 of 2023 report, you can find a summary of the activity during the period. Up-to-date financial data on Balance Sheet and ODA have […]

Quaterly report of MFG Invest, Q1 2023

The year started positively for MFG Invest, with trading of BEAM’s shares on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange starting on 06.01.2023. In the first quarter of 2023, […]