Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an angel investor?

Angel investors or business angels invest personal capital in startup companies known as startups – usually at an early-stage of development – in return for shareholding.

These are usually people with extensive management experience and significant financial and other resources, who often, in addition to an investment of money, support entrepreneurs with knowledge and business contacts that would be useful for them to accomplish their ideas and achieve results.

Angel investors usually do not focus on one area of activity, but they have interests in companies from various industries and business sectors.

2. Who can apply for financing a business idea?

We finance business ideas of entrepreneurs who have a vision and the potential to change the environment. We are looking for an innovative and untraditional approach to processes, products, or markets.

The only requirements to apply are a registered company, a clear concept, and a realistic business model.

3. What should I prepare for my application?

We need a very brief presentation (no more than 20 slides) outlining your concept, as well as a short business plan containing financial calculations and medium-term development assumptions.

4. How long should I expect to receive an answer?

Once received, each presentation undergoes a review and evaluation process within one business week.

Applicants approved for moving to the next stage of the process will be informed.

5. What are MFG Invest's criteria for financing?

MFG Invest looks at each project regardless of its stage development – from the conceptual design and starting operations to financing the growth and expansion of the business.

The only conditions you should initially meet are to have a registered company and a clear business concept.

6. What are the stages of application and approval of the project?

The application stages each business idea goes through are:

1. Online application
2. Evaluation of the idea
3. Presentation of the idea
4. Question and answer session
5. Due diligence
6. Discussion on the conditions under which the investment will be made
7. Signing a contract